So Here I Admit it..!!!


First of all ,I would like to thank to all those people who bothered to ask me, how am I?? where did I go?? That was such a kind gesture. Now talking about, what happened to me?? the best answer would be I wa lazy, and I covered it up with my busy life. WHICH INFACT IS A BIG LIE, I could have atleast posted one article atleast in a week. But I was so busy or may be I was bored of this blogging world.

But now as Iam back in this world and had made (??) my mind to stay for ever :) ,but behind this decision also I have my own selfishness. SInce one month, I have so many things going on in my mind ,which I was not able to sort . I was so irritated,frustratedand lost. I was not able to track what was happening with me, how to tackle with them and I cried,I complained ,I prayed, I fought with god but there was no use. Then with a better heart I tried to think ,and then i understood,there is nothing god can do for me untill and unless I help myself. So, I started browsing for relaxation techniques,meditation techniques etc, from which I took ideas also and tried doing it for 3 days or so and dropped that also, YES IAM A RESTLESS MIND. But then, in search of mind peace in google( our best friend) ,somewhere I read ,do what you love doing. I was trying to recall what I love to do, and then “thaddaaaaaa”, I love writing I realise. “OMG, I have a blog also and still I do nothing in it and looking for a hobby to be developed, Iam sucha fool” was the thought stuck me. Thus, here Iam writing my first post after along gap(I don’t even know, when I stopped). Feeling so good to write, excited to see all your response, and promising to stay hoocked.



With Love,

Happy Go Lucky Gal

4 responses to “So Here I Admit it..!!!

  1. Keep scribbling :) I totally empathise with you because I felt like this a month or so back; as it turned out I just needed a healthy break from my blog. Blogging is something we often ‘work’ hard at, like anything we treat as a job, and in this case a writing job, we still deserve a holiday once in a while, some time out from the demands of writing……especially when we don’t get paid for it!

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